Moving Before Summer B

UCF Classes

June 23, 2019

It's been a hectic week! Ally and I have been packing, unpacking, and cleaning slowly but steadily and effectively. It feels so nice to be writing this blog post from our new home, somewhere that will become my computer lab, music studio, and so much more. Summer B starts tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the nonparametrics statistics class that I am taking Monday through Thursday from June 24 until the August 2 (I think). I will be missing the second week of class due to a trip to Colorado, but I'm sure this will be a surmountable amount of content to learn away from the classroom.

I'm excited to see how R programming and nonparametric statistics can contribute to my intellectual wheelhouse. Data Science is a field that I'd love to learn more about and potentially work in at some point in the future, so I think this introduction to R programming through Non-Par stat will be generally helpful to give me an idea if this is something into which I'd want to dive deeper.

I will report back when I have attended a class or two!